How to dissolve bruises in nails quickly

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November 15, 2021
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November 15, 2021
Basic gel manicure process and steps
November 15, 2021
Revealing how to make toenails grow very quickly
November 15, 2021

How to dissolve bruises in nails quickly

In this article, Expo Nails would like to share how to dissolve bruises in nails quickly. We invite you to learn together

The method of dissolving bruises in the nails will be applied to cases of nail bruises, internal bruises. Just apply the right tips, your hands will quickly be healthy again. Melts ugly black bruises and makes nails more beautiful.

Why do fingernails get bruised?

The condition of blood clots in the nail is caused by being crushed in daily activities. When crushed, the nail will be extremely painful and leave a blood bruise that also gathers for a long time.

Before learning how to dissolve bruises in nails, let’s take a quick look at its causes and symptoms!

Thanks to the nerves concentrated at the fingertips, the hand has the ability to move extremely flexible. The nail is made of interstitial cells, without nerves, but contains many blood vessels in the areola. And was born to protect the fingertips more safely when moving.

Although there is a protective nail layer, but when impacted, the impact is too strong, the flesh of the fingertips will also be injured. The most common and lightest injury in the hand is a broken nail (common when a door is stuck, …).

When crushed, the nail will show symptoms such as:

  • Swelling and pain at the site of the concussion, hematoma. In severe cases, the entire nail and finger may be sore.
  • The flesh under the nail is red with blood and slowly turns purple-black.
  • Bruising and swelling, edema of the skin and tissues around the nail.
  • The foundation is purple and black, from the outside it looks black.
  • Peeling, breaking or popping nails.

How to dissolve blood bruises in nails

Bruises on nails, like bruises on the body, take time to dissolve. But if you need to apply some tips, it will help the hematoma dissolve faster. Some ways to dissolve bruises in nails quickly are as follows:

Cold compress

Applying cold is the first thing you need to do when you have a broken nail. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft towel or put in an ice pack and apply it to the bruised nail. Apply this for about 15 to 20 minutes and remove. Apply ice every 2 to 3 hours to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and dissolve bruises quickly. Note, each application should not exceed 20 minutes because it can cause cold burns.

Hot compress

In addition to cold compresses, you can also use hot temperatures to relieve pain faster. Use a towel soaked in hot water or put hot water in an ice pack. And apply it on the bruised nail to melt it, helping the blood to circulate easily. Reduce swelling and pain faster. It should be done after applying a cold compress when the nail is broken.

Chicken egg roll

Hot chicken eggs have a very good effect of dissolving bruises, which will suck blood into the yolks. Because the tiny holes on the surface of the egg are very small pipes leading inside.

Therefore, the way to quickly dissolve the bruises in the nails is to boil a peeled chicken egg and take advantage of it while it is still hot to roll on your finger. Roll your head until it cools down, then remove the eggs, and persevere in doing it every day so that the bruises disappear faster.


Margarine has the effect of reducing swelling, edema and dissolving bruises very effectively. Just apply some margarine on the bruised nail and then wash it off. Do this every day until the bruise is completely gone.


Wash and squeeze the cabbage to get water, then use a cotton ball soaked in water to apply to the bruised nail area. Both help fight inflammation, and reduce bruises faster.

Turmeric and alum

Turmeric and alum when combined together will create a very good wound medicine. With a bitter, cold taste, this drug will help blood circulation better, so the bruise will dissolve faster.

Parsley tree

Parsley is a fairly familiar plant, you can find it in markets and supermarkets. Bring back, wash and squeeze the juice to apply on the bruised nail area to treat hematoma. This is an extremely effective way to dissolve bruises in the nails that you can apply.

Fresh onion

Fresh onions are a spice used to increase flavor and increase the body’s resistance. In addition, when crushed and applied to the bruised nail, the bruise will also dissolve very quickly, and there will be no more inflammation.


If you accidentally injure your nail, you need timely first aid. To be more sure, it is also necessary to go to the nearest medical facility to check if the condition is severe. If it is only a slight bruise, then apply ways to dissolve the bruise on the upper nail. Quick treatment at home, help wounds heal faster and beautiful nails again.

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