Basic gel manicure process and steps

How to dissolve bruises in nails quickly
November 15, 2021
How to dissolve bruises in nails quickly
November 15, 2021

Basic gel manicure process and steps

In this article, Expo Nails would like to share the basic gel manicure process and steps. We invite you to learn together

Thanks to the beauty, durability and simplicity of implementation, gel nails are the most popular among women. As a girl, immediately “fall in love” with the basic gel nail steps in the article below, to unleash your creativity and make your own beautiful glitter nails!

1. Learn gel nail technique with Expo Nails

This is the process of painting the nail with a special gel polish. This material dries very quickly. Especially when using gel to create fake nails, the gel also has the effect of increasing the hardness and thickness of the nails.

Some popular gel nail techniques that can be mentioned today are regular gel nail polish, color gel, gel emulsion; apply powder gel, attach stones, … Based on the preferences and needs of customers, the process and steps of gel nails will change.

2. Basic gel manicure process and steps

Prepare all the tools

To make any gel nail set from simple to sophisticated, the performer always needs to prepare a set of tools including gel polish, regular primer, color polish and polish. Along with that is a clean nail kit, including wipes, cotton swabs and gloves. All these nail tools need to be cleaned before doing this! And especially, don’t forget to add a UV paint drying lamp and 1 bottle of nail care to your kit!

Clean and trim nails before applying gel

This is one of the most basic gel nail steps that the technician cannot ignore. The nail surface is neatly and cleanly cleaned to help ensure the color adhesion of the gel polish. You can use a small towel to gently clean the cuticle, without causing damage or scratching.

After the cleaning step, you should trim the nail and use a specialized file to smooth the tip and shape the nail. The next step is to remove the excess skin around the nail edge using a scraper or skin clipper.

Use cuticle cleaner

After the nail is shaped to your liking, you will treat the nail base with a specialized cuticle cleaning tool. After the excess skin has peeled off, simply remove any remaining dirt on the nail with a cotton ball soaked in acetone.

Apply a base coat of primer

This is also one of the important gel nail steps to protect the nail and create a better bond between the nail and the color gel polish. After the step of shaking and mixing the paint bottle, you just need to skillfully use the right amount of paint, brush a thin layer on the nails. To reveal more, you can use UV light for 10 seconds to quickly dry the primer.

Paint two thin layers of color

Once the primer is completely dry, you will need to apply another thin coat of paint. Don’t worry too much when you see the first layer of color paint appear streaks, this is completely normal. Right now, you need to “lock” the nail tip so that the gel will not roll up on the nail and minimize peeling. After each paint, you must put the nail under the UV lamp for at least 2-3 minutes.

Glossy paint for protection

The final step in the gel manicure process is to apply a top coat to ensure long-term aesthetics. The process of applying gloss and curing coating is similar to that of primer and color coating. You will also apply the rule of thin coat, lock the nail tip and then cure under UV lamp for at least 2-3 minutes after each coat.

3. Notes in the process of performing gel nails

Need to clean up old nail polish

It is very important to clean and clean the nails thoroughly before performing the gel nail steps with a new color. Because the fact that the gel does not harm the nails as much as you think, it depends on how you clean and care for your nails, whether enough, and properly.

Nail removal is also very simple, just prepare a little specialized sandpaper, then gently rub on the nails until the gel layer loses its shine and gradually peels off. Using sandpaper will make your hands dry and slightly scratched. Therefore, do not forget to take care of your nails!

Correct handling when gel polish is faulty

It’s hard to avoid mistakes during the gel nail steps. However, some of you have a habit of pulling the whole layer of paint to peel off, causing the surface to lose a piece of paint. In this case, the damaged gel area will get better when you try to put some paint back on it.

Choose quality products

To make your own gel nails at home, you should choose to buy tools from reputable distributors, specializing in providing products of clear origin. Avoid buying fake, imitation, poor quality goods that are dangerous to health.

4. Epilogue

Through the above article, hopefully partly help you understand the simple steps of gel nails, as well as notes to avoid mistakes in the process. What are you waiting for, without trying to make a beautiful gel nails at home?

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